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Petition in support of the continuation of a Greyhound Stadium in Plough Lane, Wimbledon





















































Statement From Committee of Wimbledon Greyhound Owners Association

"As all of you will be aware, the future of Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium has
been called into question and the coming months will be important ones in
determining its future. In case some of you are unaware of the
circumstances leading up to the current position at Wimbledon, here is a
quick overview of the facts.

In May 2005 venture capitalists Risk Capital bought Greyhound Racing
Association (GRA) for a little over £50m. The GRA owned six greyhound
tracks which included the Wimbledon Stadium. It has recently come to light
that the real purchaser of GRA was Galliard Homes, a property developing
company. Following the purchase of GRA, plans to build 710 flats were soon
submitted to Merton Council followed by a string of subsequent plans which
were, fortunately, rejected.

As has been reported recently, Paschal Taggart has pledged to build a new
£25m stadium on the current site. This is, however, subject to planning
permission being granted by Merton Council. The plans, which can be viewed
on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w-4UjZDslM, provide for a stadium that
would not only rival the facilities at Epsom and Ascot, but also enhance
the leisure infrastructure and reputation of Merton and further provide
approximately 400 full and part-time jobs. The stadium would also preserve
stock car racing and "Mick the Miller's" home for decades to come.

In June a meeting was held between the Wimbledon trainers along with Norah
McEllistrim and Tony Taylor, members of the W W W group and Paschal
Taggart. The meeting was very useful for all concerned and highlighted the
need for support for the proposed new greyhound stadium from, not only
local community, but also owners and trainers based at Wimbledon. The
question was raised as to whether an offer for the purchase of Wimbledon
Stadium had been made to GRA and if not why. Mr Taggart's response was
that no offer had as yet been made for the purchase of the Stadium as the
most crucial aspect to his proposed deal was that planning permission would
be granted by Merton Council. After all, Mr Taggart did not wish to be
sitting on a site for the next seven years waiting for approval from Merton
Council! With this in mind, it emphasised the need for us all to commit to
helping support the proposals  and to promote the continued use of the site
for Greyhound Racing.

We have started a petition which some of you will have seen and signed, and
we ask you all to not only show your support but get support of all those
other people who, whilst they may not themselves own greyhounds, are
supporters of the sport and would like to see its continuance in London, by
signing the petition. Copies of the petition can be obtained from members
of WGOA *or can be printed out from the attached form.* For those of you
who may live in the borough, another way you can assist is by approaching
your ward councillors and promoting the continued use of Wimbledon Stadium
as a Greyhound track, since it is entirely viable and, with new facilities
as proposed, will enhance the leisure facilities of the borough and,
importantly, provide hundreds of full and part time jobs. Of course, if
any of you feel inclined, you could also send your views to the Racing Post Greyhound Star or
Wimbledon Gazette.

Finally, a "fighting fund" has been set up to assist the cause. You can send cheques made payable to "www" to John
Waldron, Treasurer of "We Want Wimbledon" at 95 Grosvenor Avenue, Carshalton SM5 3EN. or  can be passed to any member of the WGOA committee at the track.

We will continue to keep you all updated as matters progress."

Save Wimbledon Greyhound Track !


Dear robert,


You may or may not know that Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium may be closing !


Basically, the existing Wimbledon Stadium is unsustainable as it stands.


It was built in the 1920s, is two sided and the main grandstand is now - deliberately - derelict. The plan is to follow the Shelbourne Park and Curraheen Park (Cork) model by building a new one sided World Class Stadium facility (as pictured above).


If greyhound racing is not saved at Wimbledon, the land may be given to developers who most likely will build houses on the site.


So what does it all mean to British racing? Basically, if we lose our last stadium in London, greyhound racing in Britain will never recover.


Greyhound-Data would like to invite you to take part in the preservation of Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium by signing this online petition. Its in the interest of all concerned to support this campaign for a brighter and more secure future for our industry in the UK.


Sign up now  Please go to the Greyhound Data Site